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6 Figure Wedding Planner

Aug 25, 2020

It's time to turn those couples watching you on social media, into actual clients I have 4 simple steps for you to put into motion today to turn those watchers into paying couples. Let's book up your wedding business. 

Last day for bonuses
One 5 days straight work with me week
book that bride sales course
All email...

Aug 19, 2020

We all know copy and brand voice are important in your wedding planning business, but what exactly is it? And how do we even do that? I sat down with Rachel Kitchen of Veil and Verse and she brought her A game. Rachel definitely delivered on all things niching down, copy, and brand voice. Grab a pen and paper,...

Aug 11, 2020

There are a few non-negotiable when it comes to running a business, here are a few must haves for your wedding planning business. It's best to get these in place now, even if it's just a hobby, because not having these things can get pricey in the long run. If you want to make money as a wedding planning, you have...

Aug 4, 2020

You cannot build your business alone. You need referrals from other business owners to put your name on the map. Networking in person is always best, but right now, not always feasible. Today I am breaking down the best practices to maximize your virtual networking techniques, and you get to leave your mask at home...