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6 Figure Wedding Planner

Oct 20, 2023

It's obvious when I meet a "hobbyist planner" versus an actual wedding planner. Make sure you are doing these things in your business to be an actual wedding planner, not just a hobby planner. Join me for Gear Up For Engagement Season! We will start early with package and pricing audits. 

Oct 20, 2023

7 Days of the podacast: Day 6. If you choose to customize your wedding planning pacakges, make sure it makes sense for your clients. And make sure you aren't just discounting. Join me for Gear up for Engagement Season where you will learn how to show the value of your package, we will audit your pacakges and pricing,...

Oct 10, 2023

You know I love styled shoots and open houses for so many reasons. You can build some of the best netwriking connections all while you're standing out as the expert planner. Today Meagan is going to walk us through it all.

Meagan Culkin is the owner of Magnolia Collective, a planning and design company that serves both...

Oct 5, 2023

Feeling stuck? Use these tips to get leads in your wedding business today! Join me for Selling with Style: Mastering your Wedding Sales on October 10th at 10 central. If you are loving the podcast, please leave me a review wherever you listen!

Oct 4, 2023

Get your systems in place in your wedding planning business before you get busy! It's time to streamline your processeses, systems, SOPs, all of it and I'll talk you through how. Enjoying the podcast? Let me know on Instagram- send me a DM!