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6 Figure Wedding Planner

Jan 10, 2023

Kelly Ann Peck is a business coach and sales strategist at Sales UpRising that is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs develop actionable strategies that turn ideas into profitable 6-figure businesses. With 24 years in the events industry and as a sales expert, Kelly has sold over $23 million in revenue and has helped countless business owners transform their businesses into well-oiled, profit-generating machines.

Kelly understands the challenges creative entrepreneurs face. From coaching her clients in her Mastermind to educating on the national stage, she’s dedicated to sharing her expertise and experience so others can become the success story they were meant to be. In every way, she is the guide she wished she had when starting out as a new business owner.

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Get the details on Halima's mastermind: Wedding Planner to CEO where you will step out of your lead planner role and into your CEO role and thinking like a business owner, get your systems in place, and scale your business.